Open Forum Radio At 100

Open Forum Radio At 100

By Matt “Chtulu80” White

After listening to the latest episode of the show I have come to realize it has been two and a half years or so since its inception. If anything has been proven, it is that a lot can happen in that amount of time. For example I started listening to podcasts myself and OFR was one of the first that I started with. I figured that I had 8 hours a day at work that I could listen to podcasts while I was working so why not listen to something that fits my interests.

From there I also started listening to other podcasts including VicJohs 40 cast show. I started to chat up with some of the hosts from time to time which led me to a guest slot on the 40 cast show. I cannot explain how nervous I really was at the time. Like with anything else, I just did not want to screw anything up. While I have not listened to that episode in quite a while, it started a friendship with these guys that continues to this day.

I know one topic that we covered was my interest in writing, Vic had encouraged me to submit some writing samples to the network for review to become part of the writing staff. The next day I had written up a few pieces I believe and sent them off. A few days later I was offered the position by former OFR member, Patriot1030 currently of Intrepid Audio Productions. I took the ball and ran with it. I was welcomed into this family with open arms and continued to write when I got the chance.

While it was not very often, when I did write, I tried to bring a little slice of my own life and experiences into my works. I liked to put out my editorials when I could. It really didn’t matter if people would read them or not, they were there. I continue to try to use these as my own personal soapbox for a game lover with a mid-western sensibility.

After a while of writing for the site and a few more guest spots on the 40 cast I, myself, got the itch to put on the headset more often. At that time I had talked with Patriot and he had suggested that for a co-host that I ask OFRs own Bluemanrule. While the most contact I had with him to this point was on twitter and a few emails I figured “what could he say? No?” I had sent off that email to him and was excited when he responded and said that he was down with the idea.

That idea was what turned into our own “Guide Button Podcast” Just give us an outlet to just get down and talk about different gaming related topics and round table discussions. I think that it has been successful to an extent and I know I am happy with it. Now that it is on its own feed I am wanting to put more shows together, but that will come in time.

While some folks have left the network, and we wish them well, more have joined up. To the proper show they have added hosts TJ, aka Tmo, and Jimmy, aka “The” Ace Black to the mix. I believe that while the show may have been re-energized by the addition of these two, its more of an evolution of the network in general. An evolution that I hope to continue to be part of. So to the entire crew of the Open Forum Radio Network and family, past and present, I congratulate you on 100 episodes and thank you for the opportunity to voice my opinions on this space.

Cheers and Let’s Continue to Get it!

Matt “Chtulu80” White