A Disgrace

While I’ve never been the biggest Notre Dame fan or supporter, the utterly unnecessary death of Declan Sullivan has shone a light on the sheer insanity and cult that this program and institution of Notre Dame.

I was on campus for Saturday’s loss to Tulsa and while it was nice that the university’s president held a prayer and moment of silence for the dead student, something was off about the whole situation. I’m not one for a conspiracy theory but the entire situation took a backstage to the pomp and circumstance mistaken for “pride and tradition” to the shocking death of a student on campus.

A few years ago, a Northwestern University student/athlete died on the practice field when excessive heat and fatigue caused the death. The difference is that while anyone can be under stressful circumstances, the death of Declan was purely preventable.

With gusts up to 60 miles per hour, how can safety take a back seat? That exhibits an utter lack of regard or respect for the students and athletes at Notre Dame. The area was under winds measured around 45 miles per hour with gusts up to 60 and the most amount of wind a scissors lift can sustain is about 28 to 30 miles an hour. Notice the discrepancy?

If you want to find more information please follow Eric Hansen of the South Bend Tribune.

I predict Brian Kelly will be fired for this debacle. Not only has he underperformed and proven utterly incompetent in running a game, but also in making in game decision. He’s the my quintessential embodiment of my view of Notre Dame: arrogant, not all that bright but runs in the “right” circles and out of touch to a fault. This entire thing is disgusting. By the way, if you watch Rudy with a shrewd eye, you realize that the university he busted his ass for had no regard for him either. The pillars and qualities that Rudy stands for is not embodied in the alumni, the faculty or the student body of Notre Dame. He busted his ass to play and fulfill his dream. Where was that university’s charity, compassion or proud Catholic tradition? As a knowledgeable Catholic, good works and charity are some of the founding pillars of the religion and clearly that university answers to a higher power – the almighty dollar.