Attention All Users

It appears we have encountered spam accounts here on Open Forum Radio.  This violates a highly uphheld man-law.  Therefore, we humbly ask all users to fill in your name (first name only is fine) and register for the forumsIf you do not enter a name or sign up for the forums, all accounts behaving like spam accounts will be deleted and banned permanently 

We are relying on you, our community, to help keep this site free from spammers.  If you see any users or posters with spam-like names (product names, offers, etc…) report ’em and I’ll get ’em.  Have a great Friday and I’ll see you tomorrow with a cleaner site.  Let’s get it!

Update:  Purge complete!  If I erroneously deleted your username, I do apologize.  Please re-register.  Thank you for choosing Open Forum Radio and have a blessed…everything .