BTH & OFR Give Back

There’s still a few more Christmas chores that I need to get done but nothing too fancy or complicated; I feel like I’m the only one with the Christmas spirit.

As I posted on Twitter yesterday, I will donate $100 to one of the following charities: The Salvation Army, The Humane Society of the United States, the Wounded Warrior Project, or the American Cancer Society, as voted on by the Open Forum Radio listeners or readers. Send your responses to and I’ll donate to the charity that receives the most votes. Votes must be received by December 23rd 12:01 AM. Thank you and Merry Christmas everyone!


Former White Sox closer has found a home over in Boston. I’m appreciative of his contributions while a member of the 2005 team, but his unreliable and oddities wore thin with the fans and team. I believe that the Red Sox’s contract of 2 year $12MM contract is overpayment. While it’s a pay cut from last season, Jenks’ velocity has been dropping since 2006 and he gives up way too many hits and walks in crucial situations. I believe Boston could have made an offer of $4MM a year and he would have taken it. Boston now has closers for late innings and Papelbon’s recent issues could refocus him with some competition. One thing I know from my experience in watching closers, they’re all nut-jobs. Some thrive under pressure, some fold. Some let their head get in the way of the job at hand, while others scream or dance; but nonetheless, a good closer is hard to find.


Gaming Front: I’ve started building my team in Pokémon and I’m having a blast. I’ve been researching the second half of my team and have made some nice discoveries on my own, though most likely upon further research may just be common practice. The most important thing is that I’m having fun. The Pokémon universe is a nostalgic and idealized world that I love escaping into. Thankfully I have the game to channel my passion and not wooden weapons, heavy wool tunics and pimple ridden LARPAs around.