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Halo Anthology Retrospective Episode 2: Halo Reach

Halo Anthology Retrospective episode 2:  Halo Reach Release date:   September 14, 2010 Phoenix from the Phoenix Project, BigRob029, Assaultsuit of GameEnthus, and Henry “Knoxx” breakdown Halo Reach with all its negatives, positives, and controversial additions to the series.  Topics

Halo Anthology Retrospective Episode 1: Halo Wars

Release date:  March 3, 2009 Developer:  Ensemble Studios Platform: You really had to ask?  Xbox 360 GuideButton and Open Forum Radio are excited and proud to bring you the Halo Anthology Retrospective Series. This is the first of many (six)

GB #9: State of the Industry: Next Generation consoles post E3

Mike aka Scarfinger and Henry aka Knox join Chtulu80 and Bluemanrule to break down the state of the gaming industry going forward. This show was recorded before the leaked Xbox 720 documents so this speculation is eerily accurate.  Thanks for

GB #8: Mass Effect 3 RT Part 2

Join the Guide Button Crew, The Aceblack, and RogueSpear71 as they wrap up their thoughts on Mass Effect 3, its controversial ending, and their thoughts on the series as a whole.  Also, word number 4 of the prize winning phrase

GB #7: Mass Effect 3 RT Part One

RogueSpear71 and DennyLuce from the 40cast and xxAceblackxx from Open Forum Radio join Chtulu 80 and Bluemanrule to discuss all the ins and outs of Mass Effect 3.  There are many shoutouts and callbacks to AnthonyAlex, Scarfinger, Bomberman 61, Prophet209

GB #6: Mass Effect 3 preview show

The 40cast duo of LuceScrew and RogueSpear71 drop in on Chtulu80 and Bluemanrule to discuss the pending shockwave of Mass Effect 3.  We discuss PS3 vs. 360 performance differences, what class/gender/history our Shepherd holds and what we expect from Mass