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Tap the Craft Episode 117: Craft Beer Shutdown

In Episode 117 we find out what the deal is with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau and whether or not the government shutdown is really wrecking the craft beer industry. John joins us and provides an update

OFR 439 – Coming to OFR

Open Forum Radio – Episode 439 OFR Season 10 (Episode 8) – Coming to OFR Tuesday, Jan 15th  2019 10:00 EST. Introduction & Roll Call: TMO, Derek, Jason, Vladz (Feedback at One of OFR’s favorite movies Coming to America

Facetious 155 S3, E51 Taking Ls

This week, @Scarfinger & @lasberry talk taking Ls, fasting,Pop Tart cereal and more on episode 155 of Facetious! Let’s get it! 1:00 – Translating yourself: Adept at hood 4:00 – Taking Ls when they’re not your Ls 24:00 – Fasting:

OFR 438 – OFR Poll Dancing

Open Forum Radio – Episode 438 OFR Season 10 (Episode 7) – OFR Poll Dancing Tuesday, Jan 8th  2019 10:00 EST. Introduction & Roll Call: TMO, Derek, Vladz (Feedback at Not enough evidence that screen time is harmful to

OFR 437 – Make Data Great Again

Happy OFR New Year! How was your New Years? Netflix says over 45 million accounts watched Bird Box It’s the first time Netflix has shared a concrete number for any streaming content.what constitutes a “Netflix view” Streaming TV Disney+  /

Tap the Craft Episode 116: Welcome 2019!

It’s a new year and Episode 116 is the first show of the year and Kris brought his friend Tina to help us celebrate. She brings some great energy to the show and gives us a peek into her craft