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Slashertainment – Diane Foster Interview

Slashertainment – Diane Foster Interview Host: Derek aka Detroitslasher & co-host Bill, Vladzhammer Diane Foster – IMDB Dianefosterofficial Instagram & wallybirdproductions  Twitter: @LadyDiLovesYou  IOWA THEATRICAL TRAILER The Orphan Killer  & Bound X Blood – The Orphan Killer 2   Orphan Killer

Slashertainment Ep2 – Scream Queen Stream Interview

Slashertainment Episode 2 – Scream Queen Stream Interview with Heather Dorff & Jessica Cameron Host: Derek aka Detroitslasher and co-host Bill, Vladzhammer SCREAM QUEEN STREAM Scream Queen Stream – Instagram Scream Queen Stream – Patreon Scream Queen Stream – YouTube

Slashertainment Ep1 – Stormi Maya interview

Slashertainment Podcast Episode 1  Join Slahertainment Host Derek aka Detroitslasher and co-host Bill aka Vladzhammer as we interview our favorite Scream Queen Stormi Maya.    Stormi Maya Instagram      @StormiMaya Stormi Maya – IMDB YouTube: Stromi Maya Watch Stormi now in:

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