COP Ep 9 – Conspiracy Otter vs Cover-ups and Conspiracy Updates

Huge Otter Thank you to UK Motion Picture Festival

Child trafficking 

Witness in the Mueller investigation and informal Trump adviser gets 10 years in prison in child sex case

Jenna Jameson on Twitter Wayfair – There are no coincidences

US Marshals find 39 missing children in Georgia during ‘Operation Not Forgotten’ 3-17 years old

US Marshals Service ‘Operation Safety Net’ recovers 25 missing children in Ohio in first two weeks

39 children found in Georgia. 

8 missing children rescued in Indianapolis-area ‘Operation Homecoming’ 

Cynthia McKinnie vs Dyncorp government contractor human trafficking

Seems like we are seeing more of this after the Maxwell arrest. But mostly the Media are SILENT, Why are these not huge stories?

Tom Hanks missing – All CBS Interviews, Rita’s Outfits

Weird Tom Hanks stuff

Poor Issac Kappy – supposedly died from suicide not long after this video ‼️  

Ghislaine Maxwell – update

She’s still alive (that we know of) which is pretty much a miracle when you consider Jeffery’s luck. 

Media pretty much buried the list of celebrities and politicians on the flight logs and even the night of the DNC, pictures of Bill C. getting a back rub in an airport by Epstien victim got VERY little press. It is almost like someone is in control of the media (brahh haah haha haa – evil laugh) 

Flight ✈️  800

96 eyewitnesses claim to have seen either missiles, contrail or a light flare that moved upward from the earth towards the airliner before it exploded.

William S. Donaldson, a retired Naval officer, formed the Associated Retired Aviation Professionals (ARAP) to investigate the TWA 800 crash. He authored the “Interim Report on the Crash of TWA Flight 800 and the Actions of the NTSB and the FBI” (the “Donaldson Report”), which was released on July 17, 1998, two years before the NTSB’s Final Report. In it, Donaldson stated that TWA 800 was struck by two missiles, fired from the water, most likely as a terrorist attack, and subsequently the FBI and NTSB conspired to cover up this fact due to political pressure.  2013 movie trailer The story was very big in my area since we are close to Montoursville, PA 16 students and five adults were on board TWA Flight 800 headed to Paris 

CNN claims that hundreds of eyewitness claim to have seen fireworks or a missile streaking upwards toward the plane before it exploded 5 things you didn’t know about the crash of TWA Flight 800

NTSB Animation of TWA Flight 800  another representation (better animation) NTSB version of TWA Flight 800 break-up

TWA 800: CIA animation FBI took info and CIA provided lead analysis on investigation 

Did U.S. Gov’t Lie about TWA Flight 800 Crash?

KRISTINA BORJESSON: That first FBI press conference I went to, some guy raised his hand, and he said, “Why is the Navy involved in the recovery when they are suspects?

JAMES KALLSTROM: Remove him. Remove him.

REPORTER: The Navy is a suspect.

SECURITY GUARD: Let’s go. Come on.

REPORTER: The Navy is a suspect.

KRISTINA BORJESSON: Kallstrom just pointed at him, and he goes, “Remove him!” And then everybody continued as if this hadn’t happened. And to my mind, we should have all pressed on that question.

Independent Flight 800 investigation  at the 40:50 min mark they announce that a shoulder fired rocket launched missile / stinger missile based upon the burn time 5.5 seconds and very visible. 

  • a massive governmental cover-up that some say could have been motivated to prevent a panic that could have undermined the Olympic Games set to take place in Atlanta, Georgia, that next month or to avoid damage to President Bill Clinton’s reelection hopes later that fall.
    • Asked by a reporter about this, Donald Nibert, now 72 (2016), leans forward from his living room couch and says, “Some of what I’m going to tell you is a little bit strange. I think I have had a couple attempts on my life.”
  • – The ‘Official’ report is that this was an accident and not friendly fire or terrorist related. But apparently there are MANY leads that suggest claims of responsibility by Jiahdists: 
    • Attorney General Janet Reno said Thursday two calls claiming responsibility for the crash had been received after the plane went down, but she said there are “no indications” yet of terrorism. One of the calls mentioned by Reno was received at Tampa, Florida, television station WTSP from a man who identified himself as a member of a “Jihad,” a station official said. Jihad, meaning “holy war,” is a word used by Islamic militant groups. The WTSP spokesman said the caller gave no name and offered no motive.

I’m leaving this link here but we will revisit the core of this movie in future Otter Episodes: Shadows of Liberty (2012)

Election Conspiracies 

The ghost of rigged elections past: New revelations on the death of Michael Connell and if that doesn’t work try: The Ghost of Rigged Elections Past: New Revelations on the Death of Michael Connell09.html = How George Bush store the election over John Kerry and then they killed him 

Banned Movie and the arrest of Millie Weaver 

The day the movie ‘Shadowgate Full Movie’ is released she is arrested. 

Coincidentally enough, the ‘banned’ movie was banned, pulled from many of the locations (YouTube, etc.)  here is a link that still works, watch it while you can. Shadowgate Full Movie

Snowden under the direction of John Brennan has a bridge created ‘Databridge’ to mirror the data stream from the NSA and send it to the Analysis Corp for private use.  

2014 the CIA (John Brennan) had been caught spying on the Senate’s computer system. When brought before congress he explained that they were CIA computers, on a CIA Network so it was in reality their system the Senate used and not thus not spying. 

Gen. James Jones – was Obama’s National Security advisor for a time, his son created (copyright) CKMS (Congressional Knowledge Management System. Jones leaves office and Dynology gets the contract for the Congressional Knowledge Management System giving them access and control over documents, scheduling, databases, Dynology then got a contract under the DOD and one of the services listed is CKMS and the host site is in Germany for data processing, hosting and related services. 
Psy Group a company (Isralie) with the same product (information and means) as Dynology Psy-Group unsuccessfully pitched the Trump campaign and the US State Department