Dawn of New Days

The calendar has flipped over to September, crikey how time flies. It doesnt seem five minutes since New Year and only twenty minutes since the new millenium. So this gets me pondering as to what I was doing a few years ago.

Its now 2011.

Five years ago, I was working in an accountancy firm, in a post room printing documents and chatting to accountants. I was also dealing with the post within the company. I started in 2005 I think and left at the end of 2007. There was no sign of FromPage2Screen but there was Bannerman12. Under the name Bannerman12 photography was completed, writings were done and even travel movies were done under the B12 banner, but 2006 was an average year. Five years ago.

Ten years ago was 2001 and I would have been typing this from behind the counter in my video rental business. I worked from 12noon til 10pm and lived in a different town to that of my work. DVD had taken off and was increasing whereas VHS was on the slide down. I had a large circle of friends and loved the job although it was hard work mentally.

Fifteen Years ago was 1996. I worked in a different video store but for the same company. This was my favourite job ever. Free films. Great friends, something of a social life. The money was fine as I wasnt a homeowner at that point so didnt have the scary bills to pay. Ah 1996 Fifteen years ago.

Twenty years ago (getting scary now) 1991. I worked in a factory which made industrial hosepipes for , who knows. Didnt like it, didnt care. It was a job I took because I needed a job at that time. Wasnt a fan of life at that time.

Twenty Five years ago takes us to 1986 and a landmark year for me. Thats when I ‘escaped’ Scotland and moved to England. At the age of 15 I finally started my life. A good year. Too young to work though and too old to enter an English School. I had six months off before I took the first ever job I had (other than a paper round) working in a cardboard box making facility.

So there you go. Thats a brief run down of the past twenty five years of my life. A very brief rundown I might add. I could fill volumes.

Just a very long winded way for me to say. Wow this year has gone fast.

But then again has life gone fast?