Extra Life 2012

Extra Life

By Matt White

For many of us, the term extra life means we can continue our games if we happen to die. These can come in all varieties. Probably the most famous would be the green mushroom in the original “Super Mario Brothers” I bet that most who read this, and are old enough, can remember picking all those green mushrooms up to keep in reserve in case we screwed up. The “Extra Life” that I am talking about here is not about video games per-say. The “Extra Life” That I want to talk about is the 24 hour gaming marathon created by “Doc” Adams from Sarcastic Gamer. He wanted to do something for a child that made a great impact on his life. Therefore every year since he has organized this marathon to help benefit the Children’s Miracle Network hospitals for children that are dealing with cancer.

Now this is a cause that is very near to me. Not because I have had a child with cancer, no, but because cancer took the life of a sister that I never got to meet at the age of 4. The only thing I have is a picture of her. Now everyone knows someone who has been affected by this disease or has lived through it themselves. Not to say that childhood cancer is more important than other forms, that is not the point at all. I believe this to be a very good cause because you do not hear of many charities, or foundations that give money specifically to childhood cancer research. I believe that this should get more attention than it gets. The reason behind this is who really knows if a child that is living with this and having to go through treatments could be the next Steve Jobs, or even Albert Einstein. Children are the future. Lets not let our future get robed by a very deadly and indiscriminate disease.

While I wanted to participate In this years marathon in honor of my sister, I cannot. I am scheduled to help out with a survivor of cancer, my mother. She recently had to have some surgery and rather tell her that I was going to do this marathon, I would just help take care of her. With loved ones just out of hospital or for those who have lost children, this could be a very tricky subject that is sometimes best avoided. While I am not going to do the whole 24 hour marathon I will try to get online and help some friends out with theirs. I know that sometimes the last few hours are the hardest. So I will do my best to help out friends with either donations, or trying to keep them awake.

One such friend is William McDonald. Some of you folks may know him from the podcast that is a host on, “The Geeks FTW”. I have known and gamed with this guy for a while and I can honestly say that he is doing this for the children. While he may not have the connections that some have to attain prizes or raffle gifts, he is doing this for the same good reason. I implore anyone who reads this and if they have a few extra dollars lying around to head on over to his extra-life page and throw a few bucks his way. He is not far from reaching his goal this year and the goal for his team is almost met as well. So lets all get together and throw some dollars his way. If you can donate you can find his extra life page at http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.participant&participantID=28781 . If you cannot donate but can game, look him up on xbox live during the marathon under the gamertag “WilliamFTW”. I am sure that he would greatly appreciate it.