Facetious 26: Standardizing the CORE

Scar and I discuss the idea behind school uniforms, standardized tests, and Common Core. Then, we remember the lives of Muhammad Ali and Prince! All this and more on episode 26 of Facetious. Let’s Get It!

Anticipating new things
2:00 New clothes for Schools and other occasions
4:00 – Rocking that old gear
6:00 – Federal voucher program going away?
10:00 – School testing not working for our kids
12:30 – The reasoning behind school uniforms
14:00 – The necessity of financial awareness for kids
18:00 – Standardized tests
27:00 – Yard work is hard work
35:00 – Ali & Kimbo Slice passed
39:00 – Ali & Prince
49:00 – TMG just recorded their last episode

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