Facetious 46: (Anti) Social Media

This week, Mike and I discuss HOA in a very non-diverse neighborhood, N7 day, why trump resonates,  and more on Facetious 46. To watch the action unfold on Youtube, go here.  Let’s get it!

1:00 – PC on the fritz

3:00 – Presenter’s challenge: No filler words

18:00 – N7 day

  • Andromeda Initiative to sign up for more info
  • ME 2 & ME3 BC & Access today
  • MP Beta: beacon.bioware.com

22:00 – Homeowner’s Association Meeting

50:00 – Netflix sees all: Bring parties back, Not mutually exclusive,

Xx:00 – That CW Seed App doe

Xx:00 – NYT: Behind 2016’s Turmoil. The Crisis of White Identity

xx:00 – Feedback

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