Facetious 73: Miraculous

This week, @Scarfinger & I talk genius kids, weed enhancing memory and more. Watch live on YouTube. Enjoy Facetious 73! Let’s get it!

1:00 – Mary Jane & Memory

  • Dr. Sebi claimed to have cured cancer

26:00 – MS Build Conf

38::00 – Genius boys (Ernest)

Week in Review: 45:00

47:00 – Scar – The Division, ME: Andromeda, City Skylines

49:00 – Amazon GT (Former Top Gear UK hosts: Hammond, Clarkson & May)

Ghost In The Shell


In Your Ear 👂:  xx:00

Scar: Kendrick, Anderson Paak (Modern Soul), New Jack Swing playlist

Everyday by Darwin Hobbs feat. Michael McDonald

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