Film Watching, I struggled

After the success of last weeks ‘ I shall watch B movies and find decent films’ I decided to replicate it again this week in the hope of finding more decent films.

I failed. I went through three films and just couldnt be bothered with any of them. First up was Mouth to Mouth, starring Ellen Page, I mean you cant go wrong with her, from X Men to the impressive Hard Candy, this had to be a good film. It wasnt. It gave low budget a new meaning and the characters were just wierd in a Larry Clark Kids sort of way. Next up was Natalie Portman starrer, Freezone. come on Natalie, star of Leon, Star Wars, and a ton of others.

Nope afraid this film just did nothing for me either and in fact was subtitled. Now dont think that I am one of those idiots that refuses to watch subtitled films. Some of the best films

I have seen are subtitled  John Woo’s Hard Boiled, Bullet In The Head, or Battle Royale, all of those are subtitled. But the Natalie Portman film just did zero for me but perhaps it was just because I wasnt in the mood for a subbed film. And the strange thing about the third film is that I cant even remember what it was, thats how good it was.

What did I end up doing? Running back to old favourites. John Carpenters Ghosts of Mars, an easy to watch daft film with lots of cheesy dialogue but whichever way you feel about that, Its a very entertaining film.

So my quest continues to find the perfect formula for finding a perfect movie.

Ah well.