FromPage2Screen chats with Actor/Producer Ace Marrero

By: FromPage2Screen

Earlier this week, I spent 90 minutes talking to actor/producer Ace Marrero, whos latest motion picture ‘Madison County’ premieres at Screamfest 2011 ( Ace and myself spoke in depth about various things regarding this landmark day for him as well as covering other subjects.

Of course theres no fun in me telling you here all the details of everything we chatted about or you might not go and listen to the show. So when you finish this blog, head over to Itunes and search for FromPage2Screen Media there youll find the show with Ace Marrero and myself (and of course many other shows with me and various other guests – but enough of them, lets focus on Ace) Sometimes I hate geography.

If i were in LA I would head over to Screamfest and wish Ace all the very best for Mondays event. But sadly I am not in Los Angeles, but anyone who is and if you can. Go track down some tickets for the show and have a great time.

Click here to view the Madison County trailer