Gamer Information Spreadsheet tops 100

It has been years in the making.  Zabari, the man with the dulcet baritone pipes, color-coded his own blood, sweat and tears into a Google Spreadsheet for gamers from all walks of life to find someone to play with.  That’s right, the Gamer Information Spreadsheet (GIS) finally houses 100 gamers.  That means 100 mature, vouched-for gamers are waiting to play a multiplayer game with you without all the ignorance, immaturity, and stupidity of some of the random players found in online gaming networks.

The GIS contains Gamertags, Playstation, Steam, and Nintendo user identification tags across multiple gaming platforms.  This sheets also allows gamers to select which multiplayer games they own by console, organizate game nights, and coordination gaming groups dedicated to getting that last achievement you may need.  This sheet ensures that finding a competent and mature gaming partner is easier than Bungie matchmaking. 

While the GIS belongs to all us gamers, Zabari, and his Section Z podcast, is a proud member of Open Forum Radio and we are so proud to have him here.  If you’re not familiar with the GIS, let me enlighten you.

So, if you have not stopped by the GIS, I encourage you to do so.  You’ll find a lot of great people ready and willing to play games with you.  What are you waiting for? Go get it!

Hey this is Zabari here to thank everyone who contributed, promoted, and enhanced the GIS. I have lots of ideas, few see the light of day. I’m proud this one did; I started it but you all made it what is today and will be in the future. This is our sheet, lets keep it going and growing. Thanks to the whole Open Forum Radio family, shoutout to Scarfinger, Bluemanrule, and big up to Michipoo of The Married Gamers for helping with the GIS. Any suggestions or ideas feel free to hit me up on twitter @zabari or