Get Warm, It’s a Long Winter

Baseball season is officially over with San Francisco topping the Rangers. The Rangers looked utterly anemic but I guess that’s what hot pitching does for a team.

The dumbest thing about this entire postseason aside from FOX’s utter butcher job on MLB television production; was the fact that this is the lowest rated World Series. When you look at the break down of how that happened it looks like this: it wasn’t the top draw on Wednesday (10/27), it didn’t win in the split between other networks on Thursday night, the was no broadcast on Friday night, college football or night life out drew Saturday night, football won out on Sunday though the clincher did out win out on Monday night.

That’s bad for baseball. People have suggested shortening the regular season from 162 games, and honestly in this economy, 81 games is a steep price for the average Joe. The problem is that baseball players are some of the highest paid athletes in America. Now granted, that did come from the influx of the steroid era, but it’s going to be a while before the ballooned salaries come back to Earth, or suddenly the Yankees decide to be fiscally conservative – pffff. Yeah right, not when there are championships to be won. I’m all for a free market, though at the price of bad baseball permeating the nation, not at all.

I don’t know what the answer is for baseball. Trimming the schedule to go from May through mid-September could be the answer, but reducing the availability of a product doesn’t help when the biggest draw in the country is looking to add more time to their regular season. The NFL can get away with a short schedule because of the violent and intense nature of the sport. The game can’t be played in the summer due to the fatigue the athletes endure, making it perfect at the current time slot.

So begins my fantasy baseball season. It’s the time where trades and signings are abundant and the hope of possible glory is at its ascent, and the climb is what’s the most fun. Teams are picking their new managers and pending free agents are offered contracts, but each team must begin filling the holes found from last season while safeguarding against possible new holes in the upcoming campaign. Sit back, and brace for a cold winter; I know the Hot Stove will keep me warm.