Giantbomb’s Ryan Davis Passes Away

Ryan Davis 1979 – 2013

It’s January 2006 and my wife and I are celebrating our 5 year anniversary. My dear wife gifts me with an iPod video which is still kicking to this day. I loved that device and still do to this day. A co-worker at that time persuaded me to broaden my horizons and listen to more than just music. He educated me on podcasts. He described them as “Internet radio shows” or something like that. He said I would be sure to find a podcast in gaming since that was my hobby. I was a little apprehensive but I gave podcasts a shot. I searched the iTunes Store for gaming podcasts and the first to pop up was Gamespot’s The Hot Spot. The regular host, Rich Gallup was away on vacation. The substitute host, Ryan Davis was filling in and became the first voice in gaming I had ever heard.

Up until that point, I had never heard an industry professional speak about video games. I had only read words on a printed page. It was exciting hearing someone enthusiastically talk about games. Ryan had humor, insight, and much more. He truly brought a lot of personality to podcasts and I enjoyed listening to him very much. When the site GiantBomb was created by Ryan and Jeff Gerstmann it sparked within me a desire to write more about games and take pride in my favorite past time. His contribution to the site as host of the Giantbombcast and features like TANG will be truly missed. It’s a strong, sobering, reminder that life is fragile and we never know what tomorrow will bring. Ryan made a lasting impression on all of us. My condolences go out to Jeff, Vinny, Brad, Patrick, Drew, and the whole GiantBomb family.

Ryan Davis, the first voice I heard in gaming, passed away on July 3rd.