Halo Anthology Retrospective 4: Halo 2

Halo Anthology Retrospective episode 4: Halo 2
Release date November 9, 2004

Scarfinger host of Scarcasm Live and the Dream Team, Diayall aka Mom-gamer-Writer of mom-gamer-writer.com, Phoenix of The Phoenix Project, and Henry Knoxx head of the KNOXbroadcast break down everything Halo 2 including; The advent of Xbox Live, Major League Gaming, Clans, and community which all owe Halo 2 for the majority of their monumental success. They also go into campaign with the Chief and Cortana’s first time being separated and Halo 2’s abrupt ending. Enjoy, and remember to tell us what you think with feedback just visit OpenForumRadio.com or KNOXbroadcast.com. Thank you for listening & stay tuned 2 more on the way!