Halo Anthology Retrospective Episode 3: Halo: Combat Evolved

Halo Anthology Retrospective episode 3: Halo: Combat Evolved (Halo 1)
Release date November 15, 2001/Anniversary Remake November 10, 2011.

Golf Rat of the Zombie World Order podcast, GeeksGoneRaw’s own Scarfinger, host of Scarcasm Live and the Dream Team, DJ Rainz from GamersTransform, AceBlack from OpenForumRadio proper, and Henry Knoxx All join together to talk all about the game that started it all Halo CE. We share our apartment, college, garage and multi-room, multi-television all-nighter LAN parties inspired by Halo. We go in-depth about the Xbox console and how it owes most of its success to Halo and as always delve into the story and campaign which to this day still holds up. Enjoy, and remember to tell us what you think with feedback just visit OpenForumRadio.com or KNOXbroadcast.com. Thank you for listening & stay tuned more on the way!