I Told Them So & Other Thoughts

Earlier in the year, I wrote about how it would be beneficial for the Cubs to consider moving outside of the rickety confines of Wrigley Field and now owner Tom Ricketts is asking the State of Illinois for a bond program that would update Wrigley and keep it in use till about 2056. The State is one of the many financially ruined states in the nation and with the county having the highest sales tax in the nation, and the financing program promising no new taxes to the kind folks of Illinois. So how do they plan on paying for it? Incremental price increases in tickets and concessions. Enjoy that one Cubs’ fans.

I’m at peace with the realizations that the Cubs will not leave Wrigley anytime soon. Cubs fans are of a different breed. While it’s too soft to call them clinically insane, it would be best for psychologists to add a syndrome or illness to the DSM-IV to reflect the hopeless condition and psychosis that shrouds their worlds.

If you talk to a Cubs’ fan, you will within 10 minutes hear the something regarding the “Cubs’ Tradition.” While their history is one of embarrassment and losing, it’s intimately related and tied to that field. Muslims didn’t have that hard of a time leaving the temples of Jerusalem during the Crusades; but even hint that the Cubs should leave Wrigley, and be sure to double check your food and mail.

Throw out rational thought when dealing with Cubs fans. Having grown up and previously dated crazy, consider me an expert in crazy. The difference with the Cubs and every other baseball fan is that their team’s stadiums are just that, stadiums – places where their teams play. You’ll never hear a White Sox fan complain that the team didn’t win in Old Comiskey Park, widely considered a baseball palace. The Yankees tore down the “House that Ruth Built”, but I guess 27 World Series wins gives a team that right.

The stupid thing is that moving from Wrigley would make the Cubs more likely to win a World Series. Take away day games, move to modern facilities with new sources of revenue, new boxes for corporations to dump money into and welcome to 21st century baseball. Now I know that they’ll say, but the Red Sox won two in Fenway, problem is that those teams were powered by Manny’s and Papi’s steroids.

In other news, Nebraska beat Kansas improving them to 9-1 with Texas A&M and Colorado left in the season followed by the Big12 Championship game. I’m trying to not get too excited because a Big12 Championship could spell a prestigious Bowl game for the Huskers. I feel spoiled considering this is my first year as a fan of college football and then I get a great season by the Huskers.

The Blackhawks are falling apart. The season isn’t lost yet but the climb is getting steeper and harder. They miss those quality players, though overpaid in hockey terms, they need to start finding and making wins. Getting to overtime and scrubbing for points won’t get you into the playoffs.