I’m Not A Fanboy I Swear; But I Got My Meatball On!

When Microsoft released their second X-Box, they made many improvements including HD capabilities, a consistent and uniform online multiplayer platform, and the icing on the console cake is achievements.

Before the 360, I considered myself a form fitting gamer and would play the best quality games no matter what the platform was, but now, I have truly become a single console gamer. While I do own all three of the consoles, two of them have done a great job at collecting dust. Don’t get me wrong, I want to have a reason to turn on but I can’t even find the need or want to of late. With games becoming multiplatform only helps me as a savvy consumer.

I realized that my gaming needs have evolved and achievements have fit right into my style. Yes I know that the PS3 added a competing system, but I have already sunk so much time and effort into my XBL account that I have no interest in starting at the ground floor.

What made me realize my obsession or enjoyment of completing tasks was something I did earlier today – I made a list of the achievements I want to complete as soon in my gaming time. What it involved was listing out some of my favorite games and some games I know that will be easy to pick up if I decide to put some solid time into those games. Included in the list are Assassin’s Creed, the sequel, 2 Call of Duty titles, and NCAA FB 11.

In other news: The Bears beat the Dolphins making my sports radio all that much more enjoyable. I let my inner meatball fan roll, frankly because I had heard a lot of love being thrown towards Miami and I love an upset. The Bears did everything they needed to and both their offense and defensive lines rose to met the challenge, even though Jay Cutler wasn’t as sharp as fans had hoped for; thought the running game was on the mark. Matt Forte had a great night and was able to eat up a lot of the game clock.

In TV news, Conan O’Brien is killing it in my opinion. I’m glad he’s back on TV and I do my best to catch as much as I can.