KerryMike’s Thoughts on Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV is nowhere near release but this title already has my mind full of speculation. The FF (Final Fantasy) series has been on hard times over the past several years. Reviews were lukewarm for the XIII series and western RPGs have gained momentum over the last decade. Sad to say, FF is starting to fade into the sunset, like an aging athlete. But there are a few unique details about the XV that have me intrigued.

One of the latest trailers shows the core party (resembling a boy band) riding on the countryside in a convertible engaging in idle banter. This is the first step in the right direction. During previous entries bonding took place over a couple of minutes during cutscenes but now there seems to be constant conversation no matter how mundane the topic may be. Any drama that takes place during the story will have a strong impact on the player’s overall experience.

I appreciate the environments displayed. The stunning city where the story unfolds seems to be nothing short of amazing. Buildings seems to reach the heavens and every inch looks very detailed. What will this city offer by way of exploration? Will the populous be dense and interactive? Will I be able to go into just about any building and snoop around drawers and closets? One can only hope.

Despite the futuristic setting and feel there are still FF tropes shining through. Enemies from previous games and the use of gunblades are present. I like the balance of new and old and hope to see even more in the months ahead. Action is fast paced as can be expected but there is still strategy involved. The battle system is looking very exciting and I look forward to learning more.

Overall FF XV is still a mystery to me. But from what I have seem there is a lot to be excited about. I hope this will not only be the dawn of a new series set in the XV universe but a new beginning for such a classic franchise.