KerryMike’s Thoughts on Spider-Man (PS4)

Batman: Arkham Asylum was probably my first comic book hero video game that really “grabbed” me like any other AAA title released on a console. One of the biggest challenges for super hero games is creating a decent story that isn’t centered on a movie release, or a generic story that would be better suited for a 30 minute television episode. Arkahm Asylum was a game that made a lot of us actually feel like Batman. But after a few iterations of the Arkham series, it actually began to feel a little “stale”. I didn’t even complete Arkham Knight, which still has me a little depressed. I found myself wanting another hero to emerge, and Insomniac’s Spider-man has answered the call wonderfully.

Spider-man PS4

Photo mode adds yet another layer of depth to this fantastic game.






I have completed about 5 hours of the 15 hour adventure for our favorite web-slinger, but I plan on going all in and shooting for a Platinum PlayStation Trophy. So far, this adventure has been a treat incorporating the “crowd combat” that helped the Arkham games revelutionize combat mechanics, and entertaining side objectives. There are a lot of familiar tropes here, but they all feel really fresh due to a sprawling new city and hero. Something really cool here is the fact that you experience the lives of both Peter Parker, and Spider-man. There is some good story telling here that almost rivals some of the RPGs we have enjoyed. Side missions and activities have potential to become a little tedious, but traversing the city is probably one of the best features of the game. You really swing throughout the city with a smooth ease making you feel like the super hero himself. And although missions repeat, they always feel like they are accomplishing something in the grand scheme of things.

Spider-Man PS4

There is a big beautiful city to explore.

To add some variety, and cosmetic satisfaction, you will have access to various suits, abilities, and gadgets. This can really bring flavor to the experience and make sure things don’t get too mundane. There is really a lot here to keep fans busy for a very long time. Even if a player decides to “main line” the story, there is a great story here to experience from what I have seen so far. It is a great feeling to have a comic book hero game that is actually a great game. And might I add the visuals are simply, Amazing.

Spider-man PS4

Combat is challenging, stylish, and fun.

Although I have not completed the game, I would really like to give high praise to Insomniac for creating a rich Spider-man adventure that really deserves a lot of credit. I look forward to spending plenty of hours swinging and having a great time doing it. I could go on and on, but it is best to just experience this game for yourself.

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