KerryMike’s Thoughts on Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us Episodes 1 and 2

Telltale’s games have become a great getaway for me. They deliver stories that are entertaining and bring truly memorable moments. They continue to do so with the Wolf Among Us series. As was the case with The Walking Dead Season 1, there will be five episodes released for around $4.99 each. Or you can buy the whole season at once for a discounted price. It’s a wonderful deal and hopefully more games will follow suit.

Fairy Tales have always been a source of joy and happiness. Plenty if children, mine included, have enjoyed the stories of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Goldie Locks and the Three Bears, and Little Red Riding Hood. But let’s not forget the Big Bad Wolf, who is the main protagonist in this particular series. Fables, as they are called, have been displaced from their world of fantasy. Forced to live among the regular, mundane people of the normal world they struggle to make a normal life for themselves. But how would someone such as a fairy tale character hide their identity? A magical spell called glamour protects their identities. But it comes with a steep price. Therein lies one of the many tribulations of living as a fable in the mundane world. The Big Bad Wolf in human form, known as Sheriff Bigby Wolf, is tasked with protecting Fabletown from the outside elements and from one another. Economic and social issues aside there is a bigger problem that exists. Fables are being murdered by a serial killer and Bigby has to find the culprit before another body turns up.

The standard control scheme for a Telltale adventure is here that may be familiar to those who have played previous games. The joysticks control movement and camera placement and your face buttons will chose dialog options or items in your inventory that can be used. It’s very simple yet effective. The action sequences continue to be a heart pounding experience. Chasing a suspect through apartment slums or fighting another fable will have you on the edge of your seat. There is a little lag during gameplay but nothing that gets tiresome.

“Faith”, episode one, is a great setup for the world and characters that inhabit it. Every bit of dialog draws you in and keeps you guessing. The choices are difficult and the tone is dark. Gameplay can be tense to say the least. Lee Everett from TaleTell’s Walking Dead Season One was a strong protagonist to get behind. You crafted his story and developed his character as the season progressed. Bigby’s character, and story, is equally strong, if not stronger. What kind of sheriff will you be? How far will you go to get the information you need? Episode Two, “Smoke and Mirrors”, doesn’t really push the story forward the way I like but things are coming to a head and tension is mounting. Nothing is what it seems and this episode will have you questioning who in the world to trust.

I will continue to share my thoughts as each episode is released and eventually review the entire season once completed. What kind of character will my sheriff Wolf be? Will I help my fellow fables or just live up to the title of The Big Bad Wolf? As I try to find the one responsible for these grisly murders I wonder if it is possible to give the citizens of Fabletown a happy ending.