Kerrymike’s Top 10 PS3 Games

Do you feel it? The next generation of consoles is right around the corner. Using the word exciting is an understatement. But the “current generation” is not to be forgotten just yet. Each platform has its share of outstanding titles. Many consumers may purchase their first PS3 or 360 this holiday season. If you are planning on going to the Sony side, here are my top 10 titles for the Playstation 3.

10. Valkyria Chronices – I have not played many strategy RPG titles but this one grabbed me. Part action and part strategy, this is a great game to play if, like me, you aren’t too familiar with the genre. If anything, play it for the gorgeous cell shaded visuals.

9. Infamous – Infamous is a treat to play. Wielding the powers of electricity never gets old. Mission structure can get a bit repetitive but overall one to grab if you like the action/adventure genre.

8. Heavenly Sword – This is a 2007 hit but continues to hold up to this day. Although the action heavily resembles God of War, this title stands out on its own.

7. Killzone 2 – Okay, okay, Killzone 2 didn’t look as good as the CG trailer initially shown but it still looks awesome. The story isn’t fantastic, and Rico sucks, but the action makes up for that.

6. Little Big Planet – Playing this creative platformer always puts a smile on my face. With options to play alone or up to four player co-op, along with user created levels makes this a must have for your PS3.

5. Journey – Journey will take your breath away despite being a simple downloadable title in the Playstation Store. You don’t just play Journey but you experience it. I’ve probably already said too much…

4. MLB The Show (series) – Each year sports games can feel like glorified roster updates. But that isn’t the case with this series of games. They continue to impress each year.

3. Uncharted Trilogy – This trilogy has to be experienced one after the other. Awesome gameplay, great writing, and fun multiplayer (Uncharted 2 and 3) make this a complete package.

2. Metal Gear Solid 4 – Action/Stealth has never been so fun and I didn’t know that it was a genre. Hideo Kojima truly delivers (in Kojima style) in this conclusion to Solid Snake’s adventures. It’s not a game for everyone but it left me 100% satisfied.

1. Heavy Rain – Never has a game made me feel the way Heavy Rain did. Knots were constantly in my stomach and I lost sleep thinking about the choices I made in my story. Heavy Rain is a fine testament that video games can qualify as some of the best entertainment around.

The above list doesn’t come close to covering all the wonderful PS3 games available. These are some of my standouts this generation. The PS3 library contains a plethora of titles that will keep you busy for a very long time. Feel free to share your top 10 in the comments below!