Lots of Bad & Weird Going On

Earlier this week, FOX released the final installment of the “Family Guy Star Wars’” parody series disappointment fits the bill. When the “Family Guy” team released their spoof of “A New Hope”, it was some of the best done spoofs of recent vintage but since then, it’s been an utter train wreck. On an archived episode of Open Forum Radio, my co-host Vladz and I both saw the “Empire Strikes Back” spoof of “Something, Something, Something, Darkside” and it was a tremendous leap downward in effort and comedic quality. The bottom has fallen out for the “Return of the Jedi” edition “It’s a Trap”.

What is a huge middle finger to fans is the fact that in the opening scrolling text, creator Seth MacFarlane tells the audience that he had no choice in the matter to whether or not this got made. He breaks down the wall and levels with the public saying that the entire production team just mailed it in so that it got done. He slyly titles the movie “It’s a Trap” and it literally is for all intended purposes. The movie is nothing but a branded terd for fans to gobble up. There are some good jokes and moments in the project but not enough to warrant what will soon become a $19.99 price tag for DVD with digital copy.

This edition includes a crossover mix of “American Dad” and “The Cleveland Show” characters, neither show I watch simply because I don’t find either show particularly funny. I’m quickly losing faith in the entire MacFarlane line of comedy. “Family Guy’s” writing has taken a dive and there is no cohesive storyline to drive the overall story forward. “Family Guy” has become “The Simpsons” and with “The Simpsons” refusing to go away, FOX’s “animation domination” is suffering. I don’t know anyone that watches “The Simpsons”, “American Dad” or “The Cleveland Show”. Fox would be best served to move better shows to Sunday night. It’s ok to have hour long shows in that slot. “Family Guy” is played out and it has run it’s course. We get it Seth, no one is safe on your show. You got your moment in the sun. Time to move over, you’re not funny anymore; but if you’re going to continue beating us over the head with your childish repetition, at least bring in some fresh voice actors. I’m sick of hearing you voice everybody. Seriously, change or stop; because you suck.

The final straw for me is the constant b____ing that goes on between MacFarlane and Seth Green. Green beat MacFarlane to the market with his “Robot Chicken” spoofs on Star Wars. Green’s works have at least been funny, smart, and quick. They don’t beat you over the head with it, and his Star Wars specials have been collections from the best Star Wars clips from the regular episodes with a main feature edited and parsed in between. The rivalry is stupid and unfunny, especially when MacFarlane has frequently lent his voice various times to “RC”. It’s turned into a pissing contest and in my opinion Green is the winner. MacFarlane wasn’t above taking cheap shots at Green asking if he’s ever been in anything successful. Green doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone. He’s not the type of comedian or actor that can carry a show or movie, but as a periphery actor, he’s exceptional: just look at his work in the “Austin Powers” series, “The Italian Job” and especially his work on “Robot Chicken”. I was a fan of “Greg the Bunny” and was sorry to see it go.

“It’s a Trap!” – 1 out of 5. Forget it.


America is full of stupid people, especially California. Have you ever noticed how dumb Conan O’Brien’s audience is? He made a joke about how stupid the average person in LA is, what you got was confused laughter. Conan, can TBS let you have a studio in Chicago or New York? At least you’d be appreciated. I think California has had too much George Lopez.


Both the Bulls and the Blackhawks won last night so it’s a civic pride Thursday.


The Bears are preparing to play host to the New York Jets. That organization has to be the scummiest group of douche-bags in the NFL. They’ve been riddled with sex scandals since the pre-season and have kept up their retarded frat-boy attitude to this day! Reports are coming out about Jen Sterger being asked by Ole Grey Wang for a sex video (No I’m not a FOX News junkie, it was the first link that had the story.), and report out of Deadspin that delves deeper into the weird fancy of Jets coach Rex Ryan. Weird, to say the least.