Moving Right Along: That’s No Gouda

Last night, I finished what had turned into a two night escapade in tracking down the 100 feathers in Assassin’s Creed 2 last night. What frustrated me the most is that there were two separate “San Marco” districts and I wasted about a half hour that I’ll never get back, but it was worth it because now I’m only three achievements from completing the game to 100% and all of them are fighting based so that shouldn’t be too hard to finish with a little focus.

Regarding sports, the Blackhawks returned home with a 4-2 record during the two week circus trip out west. Last night the Blackhawks hosted the St. Louis Blues and were able to beat a win out of them, literally. There was more fighting in last night’s game than all of last year. Winger Marian Hossa is out two to three weeks with a lower body injury that was suffered during practice.

Tonight the Bulls play host to the Magic and it could mark the return of Carlos Boozer. I’ll be interested to see how this possible playoff preview matchup works out. Having been listening to a lot of the afternoon show on 670 AM WSCR, I’ve become a better basketball fan. I used to be a big fan when my brother played for various traveling teams. Thankfully we have an improving base of reporters now that Vinny “The Black” is leading a woeful LA Clippers team. Enjoy that LA’s other team fans. South Beach hosts the Motor City before the “talent” returns back to Cleveland on Thursday night.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, actor Leslie Nielson passed away. “Airplane!” is one of my favorite comedies and is thankfully respected as such. While “The Naked Gun” series hasn’t aged well (Thank You, OJ Simpson), there are some timeless Nielson lines in the first and third films. “Family Guy” drops hints from “Airplane!” and “TNG” series on occasion which is always appreciated. I had seen Leslie Nielson strictly in his comedic days though have been able to see him in his early career thanks to Turner Classic Movies (TCM). While his spoof comedies aren’t Oscar worthy, I’ve seen worse. “Spy-Hard” is a funny simply because Andy Griffin is in it and Weird Al Yankovic does the intro; and “Wrongfully Accused” is a spoof on “The Fugitive”. While both have their moments they easily fill in the nicely next to the “Hot Shots” series. I will remember you fondly Mr. Nielson and thank you for the laughs.