My 2011 with Podcasting

By: FromPage2Screen

Around this time last year I made my first ever appearance on a podcast, It was a video game show called The Post Game Report. A couple of months after that I made my second appearance on a show, this time The Pimps Corner with Harold Leavitt and his Co Hosts. (including Scoba1).

That spurred me onto to create my own podcast show and using a title that was initially thought up for a bookstore, FromPage2Screen was born. From then on things went from strength to strength with the inclusion of a permanent co host in Harold Leavitt and many guests over the following months. Actors like Brooke Lewis, Ace Marrero and Nabil Elouhabi, film producers like John Foutz and Dexter Goad all making appearances.

But the big change in the FromPage2Screen lifespan was its inclusion into the Open Forum Radio Network, where guest slots opened up and I was able to tap into more advice and as much assistance as I needed.

I just wanted to post this blog for a couple of reasons. 1 is for any podcasters out there who need assistance, drop me a line or even anyone of the guys and girls within this network. They are awesome to work with. Otherwise the FromPage2Screen shows wouldnt be on the network and I wouldnt be writing this to them and to you.

Secondly I wanted to thank everyone within the OFR for their help in making 2011 a huge year for the Fp2S world and I look forward to 2012.