My Weekend Project(again)

Last Saturday I decided to watch B-Movies (I dont mean films like The Swarm, I mean films that arent A-List) I watched Stuck(Mena Suvari, Stephen Rea), The Strangers (Liv Tyler),and Noose(Denis Leary)

The winner from those films would have been Noose if I hadnt realised I watched it in the late 90s, so the winner goes to Stuck even though all of the characters other than Stephen Rays character, sucked! (not in a porn way, it wasnt that type of film, although perhaps the title ‘stuck’ could still apply even if it was a porn flick.

Anyways I digress. I think I might do the same again this weekend and this evening and watch B (or even C-Movies (when I say C Movies, I dont mean The Abyss or Waterworld or even The Perfect Storm)

Will I discover a decent film or will I find out that Ive had a load of crap films in my cupboard for the past however long. Time shall tell and in return I shall tell you.

Tonight however, I have the finishing touches to the latest FromPage2Screen Media show which WILL be uploaded this evening and stars yours truly (thats me for the THICK among you) and my co host Harold (used to be known as BigPimpin)

I have 3 shows ‘ in the bag’ and then the newly impreoved(hopefully) Open Forum Radio FromPage2Screen Media Show commences 🙂