New Addition to OFR: Chtulu80

Open Forum Radio would like to announce the addition of Chtulu80 to the OFR team.  Chtulu80 will be writing in an editorial capacity with the site on a weekly basis. We’re proud to add Chtulu80 to the variety of voices heard across the Open Forum Radio Network.

Welcome to the team!

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Larry Asberry Jr.

I wanted to welcome you to the Open Forum Radio writing staff. It’s an honor to have you here. I’ve seen you around the interwebs so I look forward to learning more about you. Welcome to the team playa! Let’s get it!

Vladz Hammer

I’ve heard you on the 40cast and the Angry Mailman Podcast. Welcome Chtulu80 to the OFR Network ! Can’t wait to read your articles here on OFR! Woo!!!


My man! That’s awesome looking forward to your work. Welcome to the crew

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