OFR 143: Double O Down

Henry Knox drops in on Aceblack and Bluemanrule rule to keep your ears entertained.  We discuss what’s going on with North Korea and it’s waste of resources.  Then, we ride with Knox on his voyage through the waters of Rapture and discuss Bioshock.  Then, Ace drops the bomb on all the PS3 fanboys…again.  We turn our gaze toward the future to discuss the next generation of consoles and so much more in the 143 episode of Open Forum Radio.

OFR 143:  Table of Contents

2:00  North Korea is trippin’

10:00 Knox finishes Bioshock

14:10  Ace runs out of gas!!!

17:35  The iPad is fixed

18:45  Black Fabio is on his way home

21:55   GameNights still rolling strong

23:15  Top 3 (Looper, Bioshock Infinite, PS3, God of War: Ascension, The Walking Dead, House of Cards,)

28:23  Ace’s daughter no longer wants the PS3!

34:40  Always online and next-generation consoles

50:45  The possible Valve console

52:45  Nikita

55:10  Skyfall

59:30  Knox sounds off about Tony Romo

1:00:50  Why is Rex Grossman back in Washington, D.C.?

1:02:30  ShoutOuts & Outtakes