OFR 204 – Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Shayward, TMO, ACE, Vladz and Mr. Henry Knox are back with this week’s OFR. Vladz eplains how donkeys carry xbox consoles across the border to get fixed and much MUCH more!!!




Bill: You say it left there……. and FedEx doesn’t have that number… I hope you can see where there might be a issue. I think you lost it
Joan: Yes, that is right. The tracking information that we provided to your right now is from our service center and we already provided the tracking information to FedEx so that you will be able to track the console and since the console was already shipped last 17th of June 2014, you will receive it within this week.
Bill: But today is Friday and I didn’t get it this week. Can you contact FedEx and find out where it is?
Bill: I put that tracking number in on their site and it doesn’t come back with anything
Joan: Yes, that is right the item is still not trackable. You can generated the tracking number once FedEx has already have the item.
Bill: So you as the person sending the package don’t know where it is.
Bill: You SAY you sent it… but you don’t really know if they never got it, or a it is sitting on a dock somewhere..
Bill: How long is the time-frame that YOU will wait before you wonder where it is other than… I see that your status is that it was sent.
Bill: ?
Joan: The item was already shipped to FedEx since the tracking information is not yet activated your console is still on it’s way to be delivered to FedEx. Now once they receive the item, the tracking information will be activated and they are going to send the console back to you the soonest. Usually, the sending the console to the customer will take one week to deliver it successfully.
Bill: Ok… I need to know if this is standard for you to take 3-5 days to get it TO FedEx? (going on twitter)
Joan: Yes, that is right, it will take 3 to 5 business days to send the console to FedEx.
Bill: WOW!!!
Bill: You should put that out on your site so people know that. That is the worst turn around time I’ve ever heard!!!
Bill: FedEx it everywhere. They will pick stuff up at you shop if you ask them. I’m sure sending and receiving packages isn’t new to you.
Bill: I’d still be upset, but would feel better that you could even tell me where on this voyage to FedEx that the console was?
Joan: I understand how you feel about this one. We are going to update our site about this turn around time. Don’t worry, since I’m going to document everything here, we are going to follow up your console to our service center so that your will receive your console the soonest possible time and also we can provide the status of your console.
Bill: I understand you only are able to provide me with the information you have at hand. But this black-hole of 3-5 days that you, I and even FedEx doesn’t know where a package is…. is crazy.
Bill: Is there a manager or supervisor that you can escalate this to that could make some calls and with that tracking number find out where it is?
Bill: SOMEBODY has had to have scanned it, entered into a system or something. It happens all the time…. I’ve seen package delivery people do it.
Bill: Is the FedEx store they deliver consoles to even in the same town/state that the repair place is? Is that the problem?
Bill: 3-5 days…. they could drive it next to my house and enter it into the system here in my hometown
Joan: I totally agree with you, Bill. Yes, that is correct. Sometimes they wait for some items for the delivery to minimize the time as well.
Joan: I actually experienced the same thing and my son longed for his console that is why I know how you feel about this.
Joan: I just placed some calls, and we were able to verify that the console is still in the Service Center Shipping Dock. The tracking number was created ahead of time, because the Service Center sends consoles and equipment in batches. The tracking number has not been submitted “formally” to FedEx yet. I can assure you that we still have the console.
Bill: So even though it was fixed and ready on 6/17 it is still sitting on the dock waiting till you have more stuff to send to FedEx?
Bill: Can someone on their way home tonight drop that thing off at a FedEx pick-up center? They are all over the place.
Bill: I know it isn’t your fault but this is just a TERRIBLE way to do business.
Joan: The tracking number I gave you has been assigned to your console and this will be fixed until the console is finally delivered to your doorstep. In a way, yes that is true. I’m afraid I can’t give you more information about how exactly the logistics are being handled in the Service Center, because it’s such a complex system to begin with
Bill: Is there an expected date that someone is going to pull a van up and load the stuff from the dock and drive over to FedEx?
Joan: “Can someone on their way home tonight drop that thing off at a FedEx pick-up center?” — If this is a perfect world, we can definitely request for that. However, we’re trying to prevent theft and other untoward ‘incidents’ that might compromise the quality of the replacement console. Each console is insured and accounted for, which is why everything has to go through the correct channels. I’m sure you would understand.
Bill: Totally. It was a ridiculous request, but so is a fixed console sitting on a dock for 4 days heading into the weekend without a plan of when they’ll be actually sent.
Bill: Maybe a manager could impress his boss by seeing how a total lapse in logistics exists and find a way to help the customers. I’m in business and would love to have someone see a wrong and make calls or go the extra mile to make it right.
Joan: I understand and in a way I agree, just like any other business like Microsoft is committed to spotting loopholes and flaws in the system. But also, I’m sure you would understand that for a big company, (where thousands and even millions of processes are being taken care of day in and day out) everything has to follow a strict and fixed time frame for cost effectiveness and minimal damages. Smaller businesses would be able to accommodate these types of requests, but it’s a different story for other companies like Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and others.
Bill: Sure, what is the fixed time frame that things sitting on the doc will actually leave to be sent to FedEx?
Joan: But, what I can do is notify the Service Center of our conversation. They read updates posted on the repair tickets, and I’m sure they’ll take everything we have discussed into consideration.
Bill: I hope so. Are they in on Saturday or will nothing happen at the earliest until Monday?
Joan: You gave us really good insights, and we appreciate that. As for the ‘fixed time frame’ the shipping manuscripts are not available for public, only the people from the Service Center and their FedEx coordinators have access to these info. I can assure you though that the console is on the final leg of the repair process, and it should be on its way back to you real soon. And I would like to emphasize on the word soon
Joan: It’s safe to say that normal operations would resume Monday.
Bill: I’ll check back later in the day on Monday and hope there has been some movement on this issue, for me and for anyone else that has a repaired console sitting there waiting to be picked up.
Joan: Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. And thanks for giving me the chance to clarify things.
Bill: Thank you. I’m sure you were not expecting to be in a chat for over an hour with just one person. Even though there are issues with the information on the site and was readily available to previous agents I’ve chatted with this week,… thank you making those calls and finding it for me
Joan: You’re much welcome. It is my pleasure chatting with you and helped you on this matter. I’m sincerely hoping for a quick turnaround, I wish you all the best Bill. Is there anything else that I may be of assistance, as of the moment?
Joan: Absolutely, it’s always nice to help a fellow gamer. And you’re welcome.
Bill: Have a nice weekend, thanks again!
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Joan: You’re much welcome. If that was everything thank you for contacting Xbox Chat Support and have a great weekend! Take care. Bye.