OFR 215 – Run to your Destiny

TMO and Vladz are with you on OFR 215 as everyone else in the world is busy running to their Destiny! The HUGE Bungie hit game Destiny released today and pretty much everyone is playing that game now. Check out our thoughts on the game, in-game content you can get (if you follow our tweets – you’ve seen it), the 2 minute Live Action clip (LOVED IT!), Xbox bundle deals with Destiny too, Hip Hop Gamer’s song about Destiny and the Google Store’s Destiny App that has all of that game’s goodness packed inside for free!


Obeying the rules of the road (even inside) Hot Minute,  Cards Against Humanity, Chickens, Promotions=$$$$, Lego games,  NFL, Comedy, hanging with friends, College football, NFL rule changes, Ray Rice craziness, lifting of the black-out rule for NFL games, Penn State back to being bowl eligible, more Destiny stuff and MORE!