OFR 251 – Witcher Immersion

TMO, Vladz and return of the MAN….. Mr TinPan Alley!!

We talk about how everyone is in full on Witcher 3 mode or will soon be playing this game. We also discuss E3, our Best/Worst, Top 3+ things of the week, Sports, a horse named American Pharaoh, NBA and more!!

OFR Immersion




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Funny stuff here: Witcher 3 Review

Here is that 1940’s song that I think the Beatles sounds VERY close to… Kay Starr – Bonaparte’s Revenge Go to 40 seconds in and tell me what you think.

Here is the 1940’s song that talks about Back Rent & Front Rent Open the door Richard by Louis Jordan go to 1:50 and listen and think about George Thorogood: One Bourbon, one Scotch and one beer