OFR 273 – Halo Guardians of the Syndicate Spooktacular


TMO, Vladz and DetroitSlasher are back in your ear for another episode of Open Forum Radio.

We talk about what we’ve played so far on Halo5, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Rumors of a more powerful PS4 that isn’t out of somebody at SONY’s plans, Fallout 4 Beer, Beer in general and trying new and flavorful beer (Shout out to  ), the new Star Wars Battlefront trailer just released that just might be TOO AWESOME to try and get into words for this episode (check it out: Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay Launch Trailer ), PLUS a hint at next week’s Star Wars discussion  Did we see Luke already turn to the Dark Side? The Luke Skywalker Theory , Halloween and what scares us in film. These guys can do it in just minutes: She’s alone…But Her Selfie Captured A Man Behind Her. She Laughs It Off. and Delete, Here are some Freaking Creepy-Ass Two Sentence Stories too. Plus our Best/Worst of the week and the TOP 3 things we saw/heard or played. THEN… we have to talk Sports, Game nights and more awesome stuff.