OFR 276 – OFR Headhunting

OFR goes headhunting in OFR 276
We discuss the head shot Ronda Rousey took getting knocked out by Holly Holm, Happy Battlefront Day as that game was released today, Fallout 4 one week and 12 million copies later, Fallout was so big that Porn sites took a hit that day (for a while anyway…LOL!), NPDs are out and it looks like Xbox One beat PS4 (even with the PS4 price drop) for like the 2nd or 3rd time ever, Our thoughts on the new Xbox One experience / UI, and trying backwards compatibility, BIG Black Friday sales on PS4 and games!, Into the Badlands, Black Ops III, Tomb Raider, Kids Gaming, Halo 5, Real Husbands of Hollywood, Seat belts, NFL, Our Best/Worst, Top 3 things, Sports and more!