OFR 277 – OFR the 7 Year Itch

Tuesday, Nov 24th – 9:30 EST (OFR #1 recorded 11/24/09)

The 7 Year Itch is upon us!

Happy Birthday to us as we enter the 7th Season of OFR. Bluemanrule, Tmo, Vladz, Derek the DetroitSlasher, Denny from Tap the Craft and Faitios from My Peanut Gallery/First Person Clothing are ready to celebrate this special occasion. We talk about starting out, the 10 year anniversary of the Xbox 360, Thanksgiving plans, a 100 year Time-capsule movie, PS4 playing PS2 games, game delays and giving your money back on something that just wasn’t good to play. That PLUS our Top3 and Best/Worst of the week and our week in Sports recap.