OFR 293 – Taking Cover



Shout out to TMO! Everyone is wishing him well and a speedy recovery

Star Wars Battlefront DLC Outer Rim DLC Release Date & Price Revealed
Star Wars Outer Rim DLC info
April 5 Outer Rim will cost $14.99

Cross platform play Finally cross platform play! Cross Platform Play!! Cross Network Play! & Xbox is  Actively Looking Into Digital Game Sharing Options

DX12: Rise of the Tomb Raider PC Updated Today With DirectX 12 Support

GTX  1080/1800?!!!!!!!!
8 GB with  GDDR5X(roughly double the data rate offered by conventional GDDR5 ram)

Star Citizen Total Funding now stands at $110 Million, up from $100 million just a few months ago. More than 1.3 million people are now counted as “Star Citizens.”

Capt America & Spiderman

Indiana Jones and the Temple of the nursing home?

First Person Clothing – Killing it at Chicago Convention

Sony VR is priced & dated $399

GTAV Ultra Realism mod

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