OFR 294 – OFR-Holoportation



The NEW OFR Ep 294 after a week of technical issues we are back!!!

We discuss:
Not so Super? – Batman V Superman

The new Outer Rim Star Wars Maps
Outer Rim Star Wars

Holoportation! Microsoft has created Star Wars-style holographic communication

Microsoft has created Star Wars-style holographic communication

Kevin Spacey on VR — Larry King on VR — Women say virtual reality industry needs to start with awareness of diversity
What do you think?

That need more powerful PS4… yep on sale this Fall just before PlayStation VR launches

The FBI is saying it hacked into the San Bernardino iPhone. Now Gmail will now warn you if you’re being targeted by the government is that link safe & are you being watched?

GTA 6 Is in production Rockstar Considered GTA: Tokyo, GTA 6 in Production – Report

PS4VR to PC? PlayStation raises possibility of VR compatibility with PC, challenging Oculus Rift

Why?!  COD in Space

E3 leaks ‘Battlefield 5’ And ‘Mercenaries 3’ Revealed In EA Play Leak, ‘Mass Effect Andromeda’ Will Have VR Component