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Harsh Bro Critical Consensus: Remedy’s reach exceeds its grasp with Quantum Break
Early very critical reviews, do they give a game a fair chance?
All the reviews – all the scores
Metacritic score is decent
Quantum Break: The Kotaku Review
PC Woes

Final Fantasy 15 Platinum: Platinum Demo Impressions
I played it and had similar thoughts as: So many stupid, unnecessary “gahs” and “huhs?”, “confined, slow, dull “The combat didn’t really grab me all that much”, “felt a bit dull to me” —- BUT… what about the stuff in this trailer: Final Fantasy VX trailer – THAT stuff looked awesome (except riding a giant chicken and pushing a broken down car parts)

MASS EFFECT Leaked prototype footage for Mass Effect: Andromeda appears – rumor
I’m sure Blue can hardly contain himself.
This clip is rumored to be from a 2014 build and it looks FANTASTIC, I can’t wait to see something current. Thinking E3 they will drop news and trailer bombs on us.

BIOSHOCK The Collection rated for PC, PS4 & Xbox One
Um… Is it graphically updated? (more than we already have on PC?)

What the Hololens is really like: Developers can start working on their holograms
Great hands-on review: HoloLens, VR’s augmented cousin

I have Star Wars The Force Awakens in my hands!! BluRay/DVD

Did anyone play the DOOM closed beta this past weekend?
Live action trailer looks so cool

Game of Thrones getting After the Thrones, is similar to AMC’s Talking Bad and Talking Dead,
Similar to say…. Watching the Iron Throne?

Top3 things
TMO Clip
SPORTS and More…