OFR 303 – Games at War


Memorial Day weekend

    1. How was your weekend?

Favorite war movie?

      1. Kelly’s Heroes , apocolypse now
      2. Full Metal Jacket , the dirty dozen
      3. Saving Private Ryan,  full metal jacket Agree
      4. Where Eagles Dare, Red Dawn
      5. Fury, Inglorious Bastards, Pearl Harbor (don’t judge me)

Favorite war video game?

  1. Battlefield Bad Company 1 & 2  , medal of honor pacific and allied assault , battelfield bad company 2 cod 4  
  2. COD World at War
  3. Gears of War, COD 4, COD BO1 & 2
  4. Gears of War, COD World At War, COD 4+


Death of the ‘Mid-night’ launch? It’s become more about when do the servers come on,” says GameStop CEO as Overwatch ships two days ahead of midnight launch

Please don’t make death threats because a video game got delayed

DLC/Game release day:

    1. Witcher 3 Blood & Wine
    2. Halo 5 expansion here’s everything it adds

Big & Bad

    1. I7 10-Core Desktop Processor
    2. GTX 1080 of DOOM! ASUS ROG Strix GeForce® GTX 1080 outshines the competition
    3. AMD $200 Radeon RX 480


Best & Worst of the week

Best: Weekend Worst: Jumpin’ the fence & Mr Red

Best: time off Worst:  women

Best: Son made Snare in Marching Band   Worst: Brother fixed my car, starter almost fell off (crazy)

Best: Weekend Worst: Kidney function


Our World (Top 3 Things you saw, heard or played)

The Preacher, GoT, Wayward Pines,   deadpool , battlefield 4 , wayward pines

The Equalizer (older movie, but super badass), Overwatch, KC Royals back in first place baby!

Blindspot SF, FWD MSF, Agents of SHIELD SF, Wayward Pines S2P



  • NFL –  tim tebow has a new show called home free { kinda like extreme home makeover } lol
  • NBA  – Warriors complete comeback, face Cavs in rematch
  • NHL – Pens up 1