OFR 304 – It’s Alive!


It’s Alive!!! 7 years ago in a studio far far away….an almost finished Battlefront 3 by Free Radical vanished, now that unfinished game is coming to steam for FREE Galaxy in Turmoil

    1. Front Wire Studios official announcement steam distribution deal
    2. a look at characters/weapons
    3. Should Battlefront have included the single player?
    4. Should Battlefront have included Battlefront-ish features (destruction, more vehicles, etc.) ?

So.. what are you looking for in a game review?

    1. Gamers Are Justifiably Calling Out The Mainstream Gaming Press For Being Inept
    2. Why We Need Video Game Reviewers To Suck At Games
    3. No, Video Game Reviewers Definitely Shouldn’t ‘Suck’ At Playing Games

With E3 a week away, we are all hyped for new games & trailer goodness…. But is it too much hype?

    1. Ubisoft Downgrades In Quality From E3 Game Footage To Actual Game Footage
    2. Don’t let your eyes deceive you…. good example here on Overwatch PS4 vs PC
      1. Speaking on Overwatch cross-platform rumors No. Blizzard senior designer Jeremy Craig shared the news in an interview today, explaining that part of the reason for the decision came down to keeping the game fair and balanced.

What if…. Every (or even most) PC was an Xbox? https://youtu.be/xNter0oEYxc

Yesterday was the 72nd anniversary of DDay

    1. the Gettysburg Museum of History unveiled an exhibit honoring Winters.
    2. Major Dick Winters Collection

Best & Worst of the week (Try to stick to 1 Best thing and 1 Worst thing)

Best: Denny’s Visit (Appalachian Brewery Company & The Millworks in Harrisburg PA, Bucks Valley Winery)

Worst: Ubisoft “Support” or this week’s Stupid Vlad-thing OT

Best: got down to 42 lbs lost Worst:  gained 3 lbs back damn buffet

Best: Forza 6 Porsche Expansion/Yeti Mic Purchase Worst: why did Ubisoft/Massive go full retard on the incursion missions?!?!

Best: Last Saturday Worst:  Damn flat tire


Our World (Top 3 Things you saw, heard or played)

Wayward Pines, Preacher, GoT  gears ultimate, forza , uncharted mp, doom

Wayward Pines (that is cray cray), Overwatch, Aisha Tyler liked a tweet of mine (i win the internet…lol) i got 2 likes from ice t . i win lol GoT, Uncharted 4, Silicon Valley, Veep


  • NFL –  NFL Kills off the Comish
  • NBA – Poor Cleveland : (
  • NHL – Pens up 3-1 going back to Pittsburgh
  • UFC/MMA – Kimbo Slice
  • Boxing – Ali