OFR 313 – Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame


    1. Marvin Harrison, Tony Dungy, Kevin Greene, Orlando Pace, Eddie DeBartolo, Kenny Stabler and Dick Stanfel and Brett Farve
    2. Did you watch? How did you like it?
    3. Hall of Fame disaster of field & cancelling game
    4. Speaking of acceptance speeches…. (I hope)

Hall of Fame game series: Gears of War drops epic looking game clip showing new enemies Introducing Gears of War 4’s Mysterious New Enemy Race introducing the deebees (what kind of name is that?)

Suicide Squad

    1. ‘Suicide Squad’ $135M+ Opening Pushes Warner Bros. Past $1B Domestic Mark For 16th Year In A Row
    2. Rotten or not? TOMATOMETER vs AUDIENCE SCORE
    3. Somebody is getting sued An Irate ‘Suicide Squad’ Audience Member Is Threatening To Sue For Joker ‘False Advertising’
    4. supervillain team-up promised to bring fun back to the DC universe
      1. How did it stand up?
    5. So, should DC Universe Start Over After ‘Suicide Squad’


Game sold separately? This Battlefield 1 Collector’s Edition Costs $130, Doesn’t Include Game

No Man’s Sky
On Xbox One? Everything We Know So Far

    1. Day one patch full of goodness – Massive patch
    2. First rule of No Man’s Sky is we don’t talk about No Man’s Sky sony-issues-manual-copyright-strikes-against-youtubers-for-discussing-no-mans-sky
    3. Is it froze? The game boots up to a blank white screen. The word “initialize” floats in the center of the screen. Beneath it is a small circle with a square inside of it. And then nothing:


Best & Worst of the week (Try to stick to 1 Best thing and 1 Worst thing)

Best: Snoop had a baby goat ‘Marshall’ Worst: Mondays suck… last week of work seemed like a year ago. — Run over by a horse

Best:    football is back   best:  dads proper funeral for vets  Worst: Division podcast delayed again Best: Met a new friend Rosi (online)

Best: Lego Star Wars: TFW Worst: Daddy $$ with the kids
Our World (Top 3 Things you saw, heard or played)

Wayward Pines, Pokemon Go, wasted almost 3 hours watching Transformers Age of Destruction, Suicide Squad, Stranger Things, Nine Lives Watched The Interview with my son (that movie is hilarious), Tried out We Happy Few (it’s fun?), Rockband 4 (do none of you guys have this game?) suicide squad , sunset overdrive coop , madden 16 , luke cage trailer


    1. Jordan Rogers “The Bachelorette.” He got his dream job


JD, Jlaw, Ocaptain, HolyHeadShot, Euthanasia, Rosi, Vladz, TMO, DMAN!!! OFR Creeeeeew, all the listeners , twisted papa 420 , ofr crew , et dragon, valagas, rocket chip , 40 cast , dgg , meef and holy , glove box , gib , and bloody vengeance for his r2 d2 , community. And tweeters. A special shout out to new listener Denise your fantastic.