OFR 315 – Slim & Fragments

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UFC 202 The King has returned!

Hololens I want it now! Dear Santa

Fragments’ for HoloLens brings an interactive crime drama to your living room

  1. Other dudes testing it Fragments
  2. Fragments play thru : Memory 2 thru HoloLens
  3. Fragments play thru : Memory 10
    1. Go to 8:00 to see the characters in the room with the reviewer
  4. Dude just messing with Microsoft HoloLens Fragments
  5. Actiongram
  6. Cortana not quite there yet but – not bad either

Fighting for your Fall gaming dollars

    1. Gamestop PowerUp Rewards Pro Gaming Pass.
    2. MS $10 credit or $15 in rewards if you buy select games (Gears, Titanfall, Recore, Forza)
    3. Amazon Prime, Best Buy, etc. etc.

Gamescon Gears of War 4 – 4K Gameplay Debut

    1. looks the part but doesn’t feel like it ? But is it still fun?

Titanfall 2 New modes, new mechs, and a new grappling hook

    1. Titanfall 2 was tested in OFR Game Night this past Friday
    2. Hate the changes? Taken-several-steps-backward?
    3. Leveling up All the sounds!
    4. Games Radar http://www.gamesradar.com/titanfall-2-review/


  1. New ps4 slim controller?
    1. Sony’s PS plus / plus $10 more bucks
    2. Sony is going slim Eurogamer have verified that the slimmed down console is legit but… what do you get? SONY PS4 SLIM IS REALLY SLIM NO UHD BLURAY NO 4K GAMING AND NO 4K STREAMING

No Man’s Planet but better Star Citizen is trying to build a seamless world on myriad planets and the space between them. If all goes according to plan, the bug he just saw will be squashed before his team livestreams the update on August 19

    1. Star Citizen: 2016 Gamescom Live Game Demo — Go to the 8 min mark and watch arriving and landing on a planet


Best & Worst of the week (Try to stick to 1 Best thing and 1 Worst thing)

Best: CAST app on Xbox One so you can play OFR while you game Bad, Horrible & Sucks Worst: Laptop case, Dee & Chris we’re not going to take it – hits me in the driveway this morning (drop clip of song) , wow that was powerful man cancer      Samsung is ending MILK it’s free music streaming service 9/22   so bummed!

Best: promantti bros opend up here   best: seen a good cover band at the bar

Worst: Having to do someone else’s terrible design on a project Best: Being a good designer, rocking that ___ty design & making it work.

Best: Houston Zoo Worst: Son hurt himself, but good


Our World (Top 3 Things you saw, heard or played) Titanfall 2 pre-beta, planning a 70th birthday and finished Stranger Things (yes I actually finished something) HolyHeadShot suggested a Stranger Things game / Demo for PC — also Stranger Things Creators Want to Make a Video Game to Bridge Seasons

Downtown Aquarium, War Dogs, UFC 202

Titanfall 2 Tech Test, Mel Brooks talking about Blazing Saddles, Song of the Week: All I Need – The Dirty Heads (Start at :05 go to 1:16 and fade out if possible)

Stranger things , madden 17 , titanfall2 ,



  • NFL
    • Dak looked awesome against the Dolphins

DakThen this BS


OFR FFL 2016 random draft order for this Sunday’s draft live

JD, JLaw, Ocaptain, Toke, SilverFox,Holyheadshot, Rosi, Vladz, Slasher, TMO, OFR Network, most importantly everyone that tunes in, thank you.  Dgg podcast , meef j holy headshot , valagas getting an xboxone, dragon 59 , devious mr matt , isky kiddo , glovebox, ofr boys, ofr fantasy football league. Thanks tmo. Community Guru007, Mr. Smith aka @uridium242, Dragon59, Denny from Tap the Craft, Matt and Mike at the 40cast for all their love of PA, Alex for his honest Xbox talk, Song Exploder on NPR / Andra Day – Forever Mine, Mother Nature for messing with me by creating Cotton Candy grapes  On behalf of the TFCC (Tmo Football Coolness Committee) thanks to all the owners for their responses in OFR FFL 16, best of luck.