OFR 326 – OFR Remastered


Welcome to OFR Season 8!!


COD Infinite Warfare and COD4 Remastered

    1. Call of Duty franchise may be showing signs of fatigue
    2. What do we think of it? The Remaster is the real deal, the campaign for Infinite Warfare so far is cool, my kid beat it and said it was fun, decent job.

Watch Dogs 2 is out!! (Is anyone here picking it up?)

    1. Graphics look awesome, set in San Francisco (real names not like GTA’s San Fierro in San Andreas)
    2. Open world like GTA, but you can hack almost anything with your cell phone.
    3. I’d say the release was bad timing, but in the stuff I’ve seen there is an election manipulation story tie-in that players might find timely.

PS4 PRO is out

    1. To get your money’s worth, check these settings. (And prepare for some inconsistency)
    2. I”m playing a PS4 PRO But I Can’t Really Tell The Difference
    3. A skeptic’s review: Can you tell the difference? Can you, a human being, simply switching from one console to the other, really tell the difference between the two, and if so, is it worth picking up the system if you own a 4K HDR TV?
    4. In depth, detailed analysis: Eurogamer  Sony PlayStation 4 Pro review

While we are talking about HDR

    1. LG’s OLED HDR input lag problem

Nintendo NES Classic Edition review: A box of nostalgia

    1. Good luck finding an already sold-out NES Classic this holiday season
    2. Amazon: Currently unavailable. We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock Amazon was blank page, only had low stock of them everywhere
    3. Wal-mat for only a few minutes a day
    4. Mario coming to Apple next month

Epic waste of time Conan O’Brien Plays Final Fantasy 15  LOL – So funny!!

Titanfall 2 Awesome deal Under $30 for Amazon Prime members

              Physical disc only is such bull man cmon everyone’s going digital get with the times!


Best & Worst of the week (Try to stick to 1 Best thing and 1 Worst thing)

Best: Upcoming Black Friday Deals Worst: Nintendo

Best: Awesome 5 day break from work   Worst: Work & Piper still  

Best: new washer and dryer/new phone   Worst:  basement remodel ugh

Best: I had the best week of my life    Best: Did i mention: I had the best week of my life

Our World (Top 6ish Things you saw, heard or played)  

CoD, BF1, Gears, Mafia 3, Westworld!!!, Gotham!!, Painting, Walking Dead, Hell or Highwater  cod remaster , walking dead, gotham sorry been busy this week not enough time to game  Westworld, Walking Dead, Gears 4, Lego Star Wars TFW, UFC 205, Dr. Strange

Westworld, Caribbean Islands are great, Song of the week, brought to you by Detroit Slasher: Black Honey by Thrice , if you like that checkout Image of the Invisible



  • NFL  
    • How ‘bout them Cowboys!!!!!
      • Going for 2
      • Tony’s speech & my movie ending for this season
  • College football   
    • PSU won again! & Iowa beat Michigan helping Penn State’s ranking

🏈 OFR FFL 2016: This week’s match-ups 🏈   7 teams fighting for 4 playoff spots, 3 games to go
Division 1: Xbox Division 2: Playstation
1(1) Aqua-Vladz 7-3-0 1(2) Facetious Jesters 6-4-0 2(6) hew jorgan 5-5-0 2(3) LuceScrews 6-4-0
3(7) SKYKIDO’S 5-5-0 3(4) Tmo Full Effect 5-5-0
4(5) Noobz 2 U 5-5-0 4(8) Meef aka The Talent 5-5-0

5(10) DeeRodge 2-8-0 5(9) Farmerton Haymakers 4-6-0

Shout-outs: I totally suck because I missed this shoutout for the last couple months, unless I forgot that I did shout him out in which case it deserves an additional shout-out: Larry Hughes from Aug 24, 2016  Stay tuned for some end the year awesomeness = Hell of a good time on it’s way!!, My kids killin’ their grades, Dak & Zek, Tony,

Caribbean Islands, Xbox Fam, OFR Crew, and Rosi. larry hughes jr , ofr crew, rocket chip, all the new members to club detroit slasher , knox , ace , nucklehead, cool kev ,meefj, holyheadshot, devious mr matt , skykiddo, glovebox , and iowa, OFR Crew especially Vladz for getting us to Season 8