OFR 333 – Only Half Evil Technology

Open Forum Radio – Episode 333

OFR Season 8 (Episode 7) – OFR Only Half Evil Technology

Tuesday, January 3rd 2017 – 9:30 EST  

Introduction & Roll Call: Color Key: Tmo, Vladz, Derek, Jason

Main Topics/Group Discussion: (Feedback at OFRfeedback@gmail.com)

Welcome to 2017 – CES starts this week and we are pretty excited about what we might see

  • I am SO hyped for HoloLens and that 3rd parties Lenovo, ASUS and ACER are making them. And the cost $300!!!  Story on slashgear.com
    1. I will buy a hololens for many reasons but this is right up there. HoloLens could help you find your keys
    1. Home of CES
    2. Welcome to the future of the technology that will either be awesome or initiate Skynet and be the undoing of mankind. What does 2017 have in store for us CES 2017 predictions
    3. What to expect at the massive Las Vegas tech show
      1. 4K HDR vs 4K Dolby Vision/HDR TVs (1000 nits vs 4000 nits capability)
      2. Phones (more than just phone really right?)
        1. T-Mobile is teasing a January 5 announcement, revealing “What’s Next” in its continued efforts to shake up the industry. CEO John Legere promises this is a big one, so stay tuned.  
    • Crazy expensive laptop

Self Driving cars, VR, Drones, wearable tech, wireless everything,  the internet of things, robots and more

      1. In the near future, I expect that we’ll see more viable external GPU docking stations that’ll allow a run-of-the-mill laptop to become your gaming mega-beast.  

PS4 can sure make a cool hype video To celebrate the New Year, Sony today released a new sizzle reel that shows off some of the “unmissable” games coming to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR in 2017.

We usually save football for later, but come on man! – it is the Playoffs now!!

    1. Is your team in?  Lmao barely but by the grace of luck by washington sucking lol sorry glovebox Texans back to Brock DAMN!!! Chiefs got the #2 seed, let’s see if they do anything with it
    2. Best memes on the Dallas back-ups vs Philly starters game Poking fun at Mark Sanchez & Philly

Mega cool deal if you like Assassins Creed – the AC Humble Bundle

Best & Worst of the week (Try to stick to 1 Best thing and 1 Worst thing)

Best: Another 3 day weekend & New Year’s Day Dinner Worst:  May not get car deductable back

Best: a new AMP! Also…. The post Christmas break, chillin with family & new dog, Emma Worst: Was sick most of that time, ate too much, drank too much

Best:  friends and family    Worst: lions sunday night game for the division aaron rodgers I hate him soooo much… if you look up Smug in the dictionary there we’d be his face, but if you also look up ____ you’ll also see his face as he almost cried it when they almost lost.

Best:  New Year, new goals to accomplish Worst: Drank too much.


Our World (Top 3 Things you saw, heard or played)  

Batman Telltale series (Thanks Derek!!), COD Infinite Warfare MP, TitanFall 2 MP  dead rising 4 , cod i w mp, tango and cash , deadpool  batman vs super man again i was hungover, the mick Mortal Kombat XL, Mike & Ted Need Wedding Dates, Mariah Carey’s NYE Performance WTF😰

Black Mirror (Netflix Original), Drunk Gears 4, Song of the week: Painting (Masterpiece) – Lewis Del Mar (off their self-titled and only album, give it a listen)


  • NFL  – the coolness was covered previously but also….
    • Chip got fired, goodbye Chip!!!
  • NCAA Bowls and Playoffs
    • Rose Bowl was incredible even though Penn State lost, Great game!!
    • OHIO State scores a big “0” – brand overhype?
  • UFC
    • 48 seconds

Shout-outs:  Everyone that rolled with the last minute changes to our OFR Game Show, the Holidays, Football, UFC and stuff got in the way – but we will be back! / Also, stop back next week as we have 2 guest hosts that we think you won’t be angry if you do (hint) Xbox fam, Holy, Chase, Josh Laney, Flanny, Original Madcow. OFR Crew, Rosi  anthony alex , indio tek no , devious mr matt , holy headshot , meef j , ghamox14 , valagas , good 4 gaming , luce screw, steffibizness , skyzon, ruiner2 and denise for my awesome gift  Angry Mailman Crew (great to hear their voices) wishing everyone a great start in 2017, 2016 is dead