OFR 334 – OFR Gives Us Gas

Open Forum Radio – Episode 334

OFR Season 8 (Episode 8) – OFR Gives Us Gas

Tuesday, January 10th 2017 – 9:45 EST  

Introduction & Roll Call: Tmo, Vladz, Derek, Chaufie

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Something Derek tweeted about the other day…. BOOK by Cadillac A car subscription service $1500 a month

    1. Cadillac gives you the pimp experience. Businesses that need to pick up clients or provide company cars, or if you are a rock star or athlete or something this totally makes sense. It would be great if you ended up with something though.. All that money and no car at the end?  Thought it was fitting with all the subscriptions in our lives . not much different than a lease . i’d like a tv subscription lol.

Gaming gives me GaaS! Gaming as a Service (GaaS) solution (Nvidia pimping time on its video cards) The NVIDIA GRID  If you spend a lot of time PC gaming, this probably isn’t the best alternative to buying your own rig. But to fill in the gaps between when you can be in front of your home or main gaming system…. I LOVE this idea.


    1. No gaming PC no problem Is GeForce Now the next BIG advancement in gaming?  The downsides that I see: You’ll need one of the dozen or so routers that support it, your bandwidth will have to be good to get low latency (ms) and quality. My first test said I was good for 1080p & 60 fps, 2nd time it was 720p & 60 fps, 3rd time back to 1080p & 60 fps 4th test said “Your current ISP may not be able to stream GeForce Now….” – so it my connect seems to inconsistent.    Plus there are about 50 games you can play but sort of like Netflix it appears that they’ll be a rotation with new games arriving and older games leaving. Which is okay I guess unless you want to play that older game or horde games  like I do. It would be better if it would connect somehow to your Steam library. In fact they might be giving Steam a model to provide this to their customers. I’d be more inclined to give this a try if it somehow could read my library I think.

Mass Effect Andromeda – March 21st CES 2017 Gameplay Trailer

  1. Does that scare anyone that they aren’t giving more of a peek at what we should expect from Andromeda so close to launch?
    1. Multiplayer & PC Specs will probably be revealed in Feb, about a month before launch.

Another Star Trek device has come to pass. The Tri-corder The Changhong H2 – uses the SCIO scanning technology

Are you ready? Univ of Leicester (England… south of Nottingham) paper finds The zombie apocalypse won’t take long.

    1. Do you have a plan if things go sideways? Or have you never given it any thought? If you haven’t thought about some scenario like this you’re crazy, but I don’t have a formal plan


Best & Worst of the week (Try to stick to 1 Best thing and 1 Worst thing)

Best: Texans win w/ Brock Worst:  Went to doc., gained 12 lbs

Best: Snoke is Mace Windu – Star Wars Theory Worst: COLD

Best: workin out again    Worst: lions lost again not surprised just disssssssapointed


Our World (Top 3 Things you saw, heard or played)  

GRIMM & Sleepy Hollow Friday night, TitanFall 2 MP,   Grimm, EDGy awards, Batman Telltale Ep. 3, star trek beyond , Grimm , dead rising 4



  • NFL  
    • Texans are in : ) &  the Lions are out. : (


  • NCAA Champs – Clemson!

Shout-outs:  Ofr crew , the everyday gamers for all the awards and doing the edgy show , jay guiles ,rocketchip, meef j blueman az rockslide and holy headshot also chaufie and the games we don’t play pod. All our listeners friends and community. Chaufie, EDG (Chris, Meef and Eric) and Bluemanrule for the EDGys Awards show. AMP see you guys next week, everyone who has a team not going forward in the NFL – I know what it is like… just like Highlander, there can be only one. TMO & Jay, OFR Gameshow will be coming up at some point, just have to work out the schedule, etc.