OFR 376 – Strange OFR Things

Open Forum Radio – Episode 376

OFR Season 8 (Episode 49) – Strange OFR Things

Tuesday, October 31st 2017 9:52 EST.

Introduction & Roll Call: TMO, Vladz, Derek, Jason

Main Topics/Group Discussion:

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Stranger Things Season 2 has arrived!


BADASS High Quality, AAA, Goodness arrived this past week with:


Something that wasn’t on my radar but now is in a big way is: PLANET OF THE APES Last Frontier

GameStop introduces unlimited pre-owned pass


How Dolby is measuring human emotions to hack Hollywood


My nephew Tre had a question for us.  He doesn’t understand Nintendo’s  marketing right now towards Wii U owners like him w/ making Zelda: Breath of the Wild & not Super Mario Odyssey on the Wii U.


PUBG launches on Xbox 12/12 according to Mike Ybarra of MS, and preorders are up at Best Buy for $23.99 (this game, I admit, I have hopped on the hype train)


Best & Worst of the week (Try to stick to 1 Best thing and 1 Worst thing)

Best: Shippensburg Visit Worst: Penn State loss

Best: Scream on The Green Best: Gamestop worker being honest

Best: O’Dowds Saturday night (it was a good time) Worst: No time for Stranger Things Season 2

Best: feeling better baby Worst: no new games i’m dying lol


Our World (Top 3 Things you saw, heard or played)  

Stranger Things S2, Walking Dead, Gotham  Stranger Things S2, The Deuce SF, Batman TT S1 Ep 4 stranger things  ssn 2 , battlefield 1 with jay guiles , walking dead , gotham , halloween scary movies and tv so fun

Black (played the first 2 levels, it still holds up pretty darn well), Pre-ordered/Installed Star Wars Battlefront II Elite Trooper Edition (I’m so ready for some SWBFII), Song of the week: Lights Down Low (Not Your Dope Remix) – MAX



OFR Fantasy Football Draft: http://ofr2017.league.fantasy.nfl.com/


Goodbye Goodell? Jerry Jones & other owners trying halt Roger’s proposed contract extension


NCAA – 2017 College Football Rankings                         


MLB Dodgers vs Astros  



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