OFR 383 – Twas the last OFR before Christmas

Open Forum Radio – Episode 383

OFR Season 9 (Episode 4) – Twas the last OFR before Christmas

Tuesday, December 17th  2017 9:49 EST.


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Are you ready for Christmas? (Last OFR before Christmas)

PUBG (early access preview) sells 1 million on Xbox One    i also seen xbox sold 2 million xbox1s cant confirm but thats alot and I love love pub g

The Last Jedi (NO SPOILERS) – $220 Million opening weekend


Can you hear us now? Microsoft is testing a new feature that will allow mobile users to enter Xbox Live Party Chat on their phones.


Net Neutrality is gone… what does it mean to you? What is it even?

  • We’ll be watching and covering this over the next few months to see what changes take place, if they do… or if it gets overturned and goes back to being ‘open’.
  • Some background:

Net Neutrality aka 2015 Open Internet Order (OIO)

The order reclassified high-speed Internet as a telecommunications service rather than an information one, subjecting providers to regulation under Title II of the Communications Act. This put it under the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) control rather than the Federal Trade Commision (FTC).

Some feel that ending the OIO would undermine internet freedom, squelch competition, limit choice, and raise prices. They seem particularly concerned that giving something for free as an inducement to sell services is somehow bad for consumers and small businesses.

Others feel that the OIO was trying to fix a problem that did not exist. The internet was doing just fine from the time it was invented until 2015 when the OIO was passed and by imposing these regulations it stifled innovation, impeded investment and put too much government control over the internet.

There are arguments on both sides that feel ending the OIO would undermine internet freedom, squelch competition, limit choice, and raise prices.

Companies like Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo or Steam could offer to pay extra, on top of the hosting and transit fees they already pay to get their users’ bits prioritized, because they know even minor latency (or “lag” as it’s typically referred to by gamers) can ruin the online gaming experiences that they’re trying to cultivate. ESPN, Fox, NBC and others that own broadcast rights to live sporting events, and offer online streaming capabilities would willingly offer to pay extra to get their bits prioritized, because doing so would make their consumers happier — through higher-quality bit streams — and would allow them to finally outperform the illicit websites that host sports streams in violation of copyright law, convincing more consumers to subscribe to their legitimate online streaming services

And on the flip-side, although the idea of getting “stuck in the slow lane” for anyone on the net would be horrible, there web-based services that would likely jump at the chance to get their traffic deprioritized, because they know their services are not time and having slower delivery of bits wouldn’t matter much to their users, and — this is key — the cost of delivering those bits would be lower than if they were in a faster lane of Internet traffic. For email hosts, software developers, or any startup company (not trying to live-stream video) looking to cut their transit costs, such an option would surely have at least some appeal (depending, of course, on the particular price points).

Some people fear ‘terrible’ consequences for consumer protections, free speech and the internet just would become ‘less equal’. Internet service providers will be free to discriminate against services they don’t own. It disrupts the efforts of startups. Those who could afford it would have a better experience than those who couldn’t.


Broken record time… Digital vs Physical “Come on man!” South Park: The Fractured But Whole at Gamestop Physical = $29.99 and Download = $59.99 WTF!!


Best & Worst of the week (Try to stick to 1 Best thing and 1 Worst thing)

Best: TLJ IMAX 3D Worst: Legitimate and obvious things that should have been taken out and also other things put in the movie that would have made it OMG THAT WAS INCREDIBLE!!! instead of just Awesome!

Best: Son’s 7th Bday Best: The Last Jedi

Best: PUBG (super fun)   Best: SW The Last Jedi

Best: done xmas shopping Best: time off for xmas to enjoy time with my boys getting older


Our World (Top 3 Things you saw, heard or played)  

COD WWII, SWBF2 Resurrection,   SWBF2, Marvel Agents of SHIELD PUBG, COD, SWBF2 (because i had to play it after the movie), Song of the Week (Thanks Slasher!!): Dropkick Murphy’s – The Season Is Upon Us   thats a great video and song , codww2 , pub g , star wars tlj , building my ultra4k blue ray collection



OFR Fantasy Football Draft: http://ofr2017.league.fantasy.nfl.com/

  1. Hew Jorgan  116.38 vs 5) Farmerton Haymakers 63.38
  2. Tmo Full Effect  136.38 vs 6) DeeRodge 104.88
  3. LuceScrews vs 4) Meef aka The Talent  battle for 5th place

Shout-outs:   OFR crew , rocketchip , jay guiles , sky kiddo , josh laney , jim bluemer , fred french , everyday gamers all the fantasy guys, community, podcasts, and listeners we appreciate you all god bless, dasher ,dancer , prancer , vixen , comet , cupid , donner and  blitzen , and  the most famous reindeer of all rudolph  merry christmas, enjoy slow down and play games